This is what a post apocalyptic NY looks like at night.

Its weird that only a few weeks ago I remember being crammed along Times Square waiting for the ball to drop. Boy did it.

Since yesterday we have made progress towards Tom’s (Jules BF) home in the Upper West Side. I don’t know exactly what she plans to find in his apartment but it is important to her. I wonder what it must be like to have attachments like that to worry about. All I have really is, you. Whoever you are reading this. You are the only person I am worried about and/or anxious to meet. Proof that everything has not gone to total shit.

Bellow is a picture of the map Aiden was able to rip out of a brochure the tourists use to carry around here.

Our Map

As you can see, we have not thought very far ahead. Much in the way Aiden and I are unsure of why Jules is so adamant about seeing Toms vacant apartment I am sure he doesn’t understand why I am so adamant about getting to my own. I told them it was because I have a car with a full tank of gas. I’m praying that is true. How do I know that someone didn’t break into my garage and steal the damn thing? Or leave it there and siphon out the gas? I guess I could ask YOU to check for me but I would have no way of knowing if you did or not, so around in circles we would go.

Since yesterday we have managed to pick up a few extra weapons. I have picked up a baton out of a police car we found parked down time square. Coming across a car without broken windows, flat tires, or one that is not covered in blood is a rare find. I have, up until the end of the world, always been a law abiding citizen so just for the record Officer Alvarez, if I run into you sometime during the end of the world I will return the baton to you so please don’t arrest me.

Aiden wasted about one hour of our time trying to open the police car trunk. He insisted that there are always shotguns in the trunks of a police car. But when he finally managed to pry it open it was empty. In my mind I pictured how the events played out.

Deputy Alvarez was probably on patrol when all the shit hit the fan. In an attempt to try and protect himself and the others around him he ran to the back of the car and picked up his shotgun. I wonder how that worked out for him.

They don’t seem to be able to see very well during the day. But at just around dusk they start to move with the aggressiveness and purpose of a hungry lion. Nighttime is when I am sure there are others out there like us, other survivors, because we can all here them. The screams. Are they your screams friend? I pray they are not. I pray that you and yours are safe, or as safe as you can be like we have managed to be.

At night Aiden will say we are some of the ‘lucky’ ones. I don’t know how true that is. Jules just keeps looking at her cell phone hoping it will ring. I think we are all hoping our cell phones will ring.

I don’t have much time. I can hear the mad shuffle beginning out on the streets below.

My name is Ruby. I am here, and I am listening.