Hello friend.

We made it to Tom’s apartment. I wish that I could tell you Jules and he were reunited and that at this very moment we are on our way to salvation and happy as all fuck.

But that would be a lie and I will never lie to you.

We got to the apartment but there was no way to access the building. Someone crashed a bus directly in to the revolving front lobby doors. Luckily (or more accurately, unluckily) we were able to gain access by using the fire escape. It seems there is no where in this city that death has not covered. As we climbed up the rusty fire escape I noticed the horror all around us. A foot here, a hand there. How many people had died trying to get up this thing? How many people just jumped off rather than be eaten alive?

When we reached Toms floor it was evident that Jules was losing it. All of the doors where either completely off the hinges or there where bloody holes about the size of a fist. It was apparent to me what had happened here. I knew in the pit of my stomach that we would only find death in the building.

By now we all know to speak in hushed tones. Daylight or not, there are simply too many of them. But the sight of this war zone of a hallway where Jules and Tom had spent and ended so many days and evenings together was too much for her. As soon as we got through the window Jules started screaming on top of her lungs for Tom. As if she believed that he would come out from behind his fractured damage doorway holding flowers and chocolates. I can’t blame the girl, it actually does sound kind of nice… if you’re onto that sort of thing.

I tried to cover her mouth but maybe I was going crazy too. Maybe I wanted her to run for the door and prove it to me and Aiden. Prove to us that where we had doubted her we were wrong and that maybe there was hope after all.

But there wasn’t hope after all.

I don’t know if it was the volume of her voice that awoke whatever was stirring in Toms apartment but as soon as she made for the door it lunged after her. Jules jumped back against the wall and attempted to duck away from it but how could any of us hope to be faster or stronger than one of them? We have no will to fight, they seem to only think about consuming us.

Aiden and I stood frozen as we watched it sink its teeth into her right shoulder. Her scream broke Aiden from a trance and he finally swung his heavy bat at the back of its head.

“GO, NOW!” He screamed while nudging his head towards dead(?) Toms apartment.

I had no problem listening to this and grabbed Jules’s wrist and ran into the apartment. I looked left and right and realized I had no idea where to go. I grabbed Jules and said “where is safe?”

I know Im this is going to sound insensitive but… I was kind fo pressed for time and she is just standing there bleeding. I could hear Aiden struggeling in the hallway and it brings out a mortal terror from inside me.

“WHERE THE FUCK DO WE GO.” I screamed at her.

This snaps her back to reality and she realizes that whatever fantasy she dreamer up that was going to happen when we arrived here at her boyfriends apartment has not transpired and now we are all seconds and one wrong decision away from having the flesh peeled from our bones.

In a flash Jules pulled my arm and began dragging me frantically down the hall and into what I assumed was Tom’s bedroom. We barricaded the door and waited. Jules was disoriented and trying to stop the bleeding with a garment laying by the bed. I stood infront of the door waiting.

I heared the struggle. The grunts and I could hear Aiden screaming. I started to cry. Is there really any way Aiden is going to be able to over power the thing outside? Is this where I was going to die? In dead(?) Tom’s bedroom?

Like an answered prayer after a long silence Aiden speaks to us from behind the door. I felt like my heart had stopped beating and began racing all at once . When he peeked his head into the door I ripped it open and began squeezing him tighter to me than anyone in my entire life.

The Scary thing? He was hugging me even tighter.

Afterwards we dressed Jules wound and Aiden and I barricaded the front door. He and I don’t want to say anything but every zombie movie we have come across is telling us that Jules is minutes away from turning into ‘one of them’. But she seems fine and is convinced since we have not found Tom’s body he is still alive somewhere.

While Jules sleeps in Tom’s bedroom, sobbing into his old t shirts, I prepare cans of Chef Boyarde on the first working stove we have come across in days.

I asked him how he killed it and he said he tried hitting it in the head but when it kept struggeling he managed to push it onto the open elivator shaft. After it fell more than 10 floors Aiden said he was pretty sure it was still twitching.

I still don’t understand how he did it. Or why. He doesn’t really know anything about me other than the fact that I worked in Manhattan and was taking the train to Hoboken.

When I said thanks for saving my life he just laughed and said “how else was I ever going to take you to dinner.”

My name is Ruby. I am here and I am listening.


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