2/19/2013 NY

If you are reading this then you are one of the survivors of the NY outbreak that occured January 1 or in some other unaffected part of the world. I pray that there are parts of the world out there that are still normal. Cities somewhere that have streets filled with cars instead of bodies and monsters.

There are 3 of us myself included.

Aiden; Jules; and myself were all on the subway coming home from work when the train exploded. I don’t mean a fiery explosion I mean the explosion of panic that errupted when one of them ran onto the train. The thing looked human but the way it attacked was more like a rabid dog. He lunged at the first woman he could grab and began biting and ripping her apart.

A few passengers tried to fight him off but he was much stronger than he looked and quickly we all learned that nothing was going to break him away from her. Five more of them piled onto the train. Blood and screams were all around us. It felt like we were trapped on the train for an eternity. As soon as the train stopped the three of us ran out. I didn’t realize they were even behind me until we got out onto the street. Maybe we would’ve been better off staying on the train…

We have been traveling for days. Mostly during the day. It is too dangerous to go out at night as you already know. They are faster at night and they seem to have better vision. We have been fortunate enough to have found buildings in the city to provide some form of shelter after dark. I want to try to get back to my house in Hoboken but the route across the Hudson River seems impossible. In the begining all we heard was people trying to cross and being eaten by those things. But we have not heard anything from anyone in a long time. If we can make it there we can get my car. Its not exactly new but it would sure beat walking.

I know Jules wants to go to her boyfriend Tom’s place first. I don’t have the heart to tell her that he is probably dead. Before everything went dark I was able to read some reports on facebook and twitter. But eventually fewer and fewer people kept tweeting… and then everybody stopped. Regardless of his vital status that is where we are headed right now. So far we have not had any encounters with these things one on one which is good because although Aiden seems to think he can do a lot of damage with this bat he has been carrying around I would rather not run into them at all.

They go out in hunting parties. Usually in groups of 4-6. They are rotten and you can smell them comming. Jules and Aiden insist they are zombies but that cant be it. Zombies don’t exist.

I have a camera on my phone but I have not been able to snap a good picture of one of them yet. Aiden… he thinks I’m crazy but if we are the last people on the Earth we have an obligation to document this thing dont we?

If you’re out there… My name is Ruby. I am here and I am listening.


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